Dave HudsonMy career in production, operations and supply chain has given me a deep insight into the technical and engineering mind and the interdependent nature of all disciplines that make up the Value Chain, and more specifically Supply Chain and Operations, including suppliers and customers.

We all strive for independence and in doing so, don’t spend enough time considering the impact of our actions on those around us, and theirs on us. The independent or Linear mindset focuses on events and when something goes wrong, there is an analytical view when trying to correct the problem. At times, the symptom of the problem shows up very close to the cause and shortly after the problem occurs. At other times, and more often than not, the symptom shows up elsewhere and  may be delayed.

In System thinking which underpins my approach to systems creation and improvement, including the coaching component, we consider the “Whole” and the key to seeing reality systemically is seeing circles of influence rather than straight lines. This is the first step to breaking out of the reactive mindset that comes inevitably from ‘linear’ thinking. Every circle tells a story. By tracing the flows of influence, you can see patterns that repeat themselves, time after time, making situations better or worse. In mastering systems thinking, we give up the assumption that there must be an individual, or individual agent, responsible (and accept that), and everyone shares responsibility for problems generated by a system.

The model we follow in our coaching interventions is OPERATE™

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